"Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

The States' Liberty Party will restore to the separate states and to the citizens their constitutional right to practice their religion free from federal interference.

Institutionalized values contrary to Religion

The state has unconstitutionally monopolized the teaching of behavioral morality in the public institutions, namely the assuming that the procreative act without a desire for a child is natural and good.  Ancient established religions teach a respect for the body and for life, and of self-control. The contrary-to-religion teaching  is injurious to children and to young adults, resulting in unwanted babies, abortion, break-up of family, and confusion over sexual orientation, and should not be encouraged.

Public institutions teach lower moral values than those held by the citizens.

Public institutions, having banned adverse religious teachings, allow no contrary argument, effectively making immoral behavior the state religion by ingraining it in educational institutions.

The Constitution placed no religious constraints on the separate states, restricting clearly and specifically the  federal Congress from making law on or interfering with religion.  Subsequently, the anti-slavery Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution increased citizens rights, by denying the States from abridging the "privileges or immunities" of United States citizens, who held a natural and God given right to freely exercise religion and a federal right to establish religions in the separate states..

Religion is not and cannot be separated from government

The federal government's duty  is to ensure individual religious freedom but not interfere with the citizens' right to practice or not practice a religion. In fact, a congressional law banning religious teachings in the separate states' educational systems would be a clear violation of the Constitution.  How can the courts require what is forbidden of Congress?

Federal courts are carrying out what Congress cannot do on the authority that Congress cannot do it.

Citizens petition of grievance will sway the Supreme Court to reverse earlier flawed decisions that created new law regulating and prohibiting religion contrary to United States law.

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Religion and State

Has the government denied citizens their 1st and 14th Amendment right to practice the free exercise of religion?  Did the Supreme Court misinterpret the 14th Amendment and  misapply the establishment clause by extending a federal prohibition to the states?


The 1947 federal barring of religion from the schools stripped citizens of their moral compass, resulting in an uncontrolled increase in unwanted or terminated babies. single parent families, and confusion over sexual identity and orientation.


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Religion is the Only Basis of Society

Few men suspect, perhaps no man comprehends, the extent of the support given to every virtue. No man perhaps is aware how much our moral and social sentiments are fed from this fountain.

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The Federal Establishment of Religion

The question that has arisen in the minds of many is this: how did the U. S. Supreme Court arrive at the conclusion that this Amendment mandated the exclusion of the Bible and prayer from public schools?   More obviously, why did it take from 1791 until 1963 for eight politically-appointed third-rate ambulance chasers to figure this one out?


"Separation of Church and State?"  NOT!